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I’ve finally found what I could blog about without procastinating too long! I will blog about my research on my family history. Interesting enough I started in 2007 and what I’ve found so far has only fueled my hunger to research more about my English Ancestry.

Obviously I don’t look English, but my name is not Tongan either. Lillias - hmmm…it’s more Scottish than English I’ve discovered and all because I’m in search of who I am. What makes me - well me of course. Everyone’s longing for the answers while they are on their journey to self discovery. I’m no different - only have you ever felt that you didn’t belong? That there’s something pulling you in a totally different direction and you have no apparent reason as to why? That you felt that your whole entire soul and being was connected to another place for no apparent reason?

Yeah…me too - that almost sounded like hog-wash. But I’m not going to lie, I can’t. My mother has always pointed out that I’m an ‘old soul’. I feel more connected to reading novels based in the 18th & 19th Centuries. And as I discover more about my English Ancestry - I’m finding that I’m connected to these people. Finding out about my Great-Great-Great-Great Grandfather who was an English Surgeon that died in Pisa, Italy in 1840. That my Great-Great-Great-Great Uncle (my Great x 4 Grandfather’s brother) was an Architect and Surveyor and built St Mary’s Lodge (73 Lordships Road, Stoke Newington N16) for his family and children.

These people are a part of me even if little resemblence is not so apparent, but the Young family run through my veins all the same. It still would of been my surname if my Grandfather hadn’t taken his mother’s maiden name.

Anyway the discovery begins now and I’m only looking forward to piecing together the family connection. Hopefully there’s distant relatives still about! 

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